About Us

Vagina House is the residence of four female roommates (and our two lovely cats) on the Southside of Chicago. Often referred to as a “home for wayward girls”, Vagina House is a safe haven for us and our friends from the constraints of the world outside. Many debates, discussions, performances and other happenings continually take place here. Although some traveling anarchists once jokingly gave us the name “The House of Infinite Construction”, we feel its raw, makeshift walls are a metaphor for the spirit of Vagina House – a place for people to come to continually expand personal perspective.

Having mostly been friends since high school, we have grown together and witnessed the change from angst filled teens to young women. We developed self-identities and shared experiences that have opened our eyes to the inequity that exists in our world. Through it all we realized one important thing: even though we all have unique personalities and goals, we are bound by the common thread of social justice.

Vagina House Blog is an open forum for thought and expression with an emphasis on women’s liberation. Our goal is to garner a community of like-minded individuals who will engage in intellectual discussion and make a difference in the human rights movement. We want to inform and be informed, as well as to benefit our selves as much as we benefit others by using the powerful social networking tools The Internet offers to connect us to the world and spread our message.

Although female operated, we encourage the views and input from any gender, race, sexuality, or being. We encourage weird, controversial, unconventional, or otherwise obscene opinions that aren’t bigoted or oppressive to others. We hope that VHB will become a place for you to express your unique self as it has been for us.