About vaginahouseblog

Vagina House Blog is an open forum for thought and expression with an emphasis in women’s liberation. Our goal is to garner a small community of like-minded individuals who will engage in intellectual discussion and make a difference in the human rights movement.

Welcome to Vagina House Blog!

Thanks for coming by, we’re glad you’re here. Take a look around and see what we’re all about. Stay tuned for the interesting topics that will soon be available.

Here is a short intro to our blog editors:

avaginaabroad is a woman of action. She travels, she learns, she acts. She is also an artist and through this- would love to have an impact on the women’s movement.

bitchwrinkle is a wrinkled bitch that loves to bitch and will bitch until wrinkly.  She plays video games, is a licensed bartender in the state of Illinois, and is often mistaken for a lesbian for her love of short haircuts and things of the “manly” nature. Also, her dog Scout is the best ever.

fecundcunt is a 20 something year old student studying fine art. Her work creates a satirical connection on what a woman is and what she is supposed to be. On her time off she enjoys playing with her small, white pussy.

twatwaffle is a 23 year old almost college grad living in Chicago. She is a feminist with specific interest in how feminism and politics affect one another.