Comment on Our Posts
Absolutely anyone with a WordPress account can comment on our posts. If you are interested in become a contributor, send an email to Once received (usually within 24 hours), your name will be added to the list. Your first comment will have to be approved, but none afterwards.

Write for Us
After 3 months, a contributor who has been actively commenting at least once a week is eligible to become a Vagina House Blog author. Authors must show an aptitude in writing and have similar views to those reading and posting to our blog. An application (which will be available by download by the end of Sept.) must be filled out for review. If you’re already an experienced blogger or writer and wish to apply before being a contributor for 3 months, your application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Become a Blog Editor
At this time we are not looking for any more editors. However, if in the future we need more editors, a Vagina House Blog author, who has been actively posting once a week for one year can apply. An application process, similar to the one for becoming an author, will have to be completed.

DISCLAIMER: Vagina House Blog is a place for like minded people with values similar to those in the About Us page. If at anytime we feel a user is abusive to another, tries to deny open ideas and discussion, or is just being a dick, we have the right to delete them. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please direct them to